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Full Scripts

CzarNews (v1.20)

News Manager - Requires: PHP 4,5 (safe_mode OFF), MySQL 3,4,5
Released on: --2006-04-26 15:35:07 @ 0: AM by Czaries

A free full-featured news manager that allows you to post news effortlessly and easily. Includes: Unlimited users, each with custom permissions, unlimited posting categories, web-based configuration, and a complete auto-installer for a quick setup in minutes. Works with PHP 4 and 5, and MySQL 3, 4, and 5.
CLICK HERE for a full list of features and a demo

Download [53.8 KB]

CzarQuery (v1.00)

Half-Life Server Information Tool - Requires: PHP 4.x
Released on: --2004-01-08 19:53:32 @ 0: AM by Czaries

CzarQuery is made to retrieve information from a Half-Life server about who is playing, what mod it is running, and what map the dedicated server host is currently playing.

This script has been tested with and includes map pictures for the following mods:
- Counter-Strike
- Day of Defeat
- Natural Selection
- Team Fortress Classic
- Action Half-Life

View Demo of CzarQuery

Download [914 KB]

CzarNewfile (v1.01)

Newest File Indexer - Requires: php 4.x
Released on: --2003-04-25 23:25:10 @ 0: AM by Czaries

Displays the most recently modified files in the directory of your choosing, and displays it in a nice box you can include anywhere on your website. It displays the rank, file name (with a link to the file), and date it was last modified. You can also limit how many files to display. Now allows you to limit file extensions (types) to include.

Download [2.92 KB]
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CzarRand (v1.03)

Randomizing Script - Requires: MySQL, php 4.x
Released on: --2003-02-07 16:03:23 @ 0: AM by Czaries

A random script that ensures to pick only out of the entires that exist in the table. This script compiles an array of the entries currently in the table, then selects a random entry from that array. The script is very fast, and works with anything you can put in a MySQL database, including HTML tags such as links and images.

Download [1.86KB]
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Snippets and Functions

CalcSize - Human-Format size

Converts a filesize string to a more readable and "human" format, like KB, MB, GB, and TB, instead of a long string of numbers in bytes.
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CutStr - String-shortening function

Very simple function that cuts a string to a specified length if it's longer than the specified length. It can also attatch dots at the end to show the string was cut
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